Glyconex (Glycolic) Enhanced Peel Kit


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Sensora Glyconex (Glycolic) Peel Kit for Professional Use

consists of 4 complementary products and offers beauticians and therapists a safe, non-irritating, chemical peel system for their clients.

Phase 1 – Pre-peel Primer

Any oil on the surface of the complexion can retard the performance of a water based chemical peel by creating a barrier between the peel solution and the skin. The primer gently de-greases the complexion to maximise the performance of the peel.

Phase 2 – Glyconex (Glycolic) Chemical Peel

A blend of alpha-hydroxy acid (glycolic) and poly-hydroxy acids (lactobionic acid and gluconolactone). Poly-hydroxy acids are next generation cosmetic acids and, while offering the same exfoliating benefits as the more traditional alpha-hydroxy acids (glycolic, mandelic, lactic, etc), they are much less irritating. Our Glyconex peel provides all the benefits of a chemical peel with little to no stinging and little to no post peel reddening (erythma). The peel is supplied in a light gel form to better allow the precise application of the peel (easier to avoid the eyes and lips), and prevent drips.

Phase 3 – Neutralising Gel

It is important that the acidity of the chemical peel is neutralised with an alkaline. Sensora neutralising gel is applied to the skin after the chemical peel has been in contact with the skin for the allotted time and immediately stops the peel from working.

Phase 4 – After Peel Serum

Sensora After Peel Serum is a blend of soothing and skin conditioning agents that will inhibit any possible post peel inflammation and deliver active ingredients to the skin to enhance the skin benefits of the peel process. The active agents are carried in an hyaluronic acid base.

We expect that the kit will deliver 25 treatments at a cost per treatment of about £5. Considering that salon peels are typically between £40 and £60 per treatment – one peel kit offers a healthy return on the purchase price

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  1. Sandy Thomas

    Amazingly good value and the products really work.

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