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Welcome to Sensora - the home of intelligent skincare

Providing intelligent skincare that transforms the traditional skincare regime, Sensora allows you to create and develop your own professional skincare regime.
Moving away from the classic three step routine of cleanse tone and moisturise, Sensora offers additional steps to create a more effective, balanced and, holistic approach. Featuring a variety of skincare products including micellar oils and waters, bioactive toners and moisturisers, a range of hyaluronic acid based serums (including a stabilised version of the ever popular vitamin c serum) , next generation chemical peels which improve upon the traditional glycolic acid and salicylic acid peels, and a new concept Sensora is pleased to introduce to the UK - bioactive facial oils. Sensora has adapted the hugely successful routines employed by Japanese and South Korean women to suit Western tastes.

Japanese and South Korean women set the trend for modern skincare, now you can enjoy the same products and routines that give South East Asian women their beautiful complexions