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Welcome to Sensora – the home of intelligent skincare

We, at Sensora, are in the fortunate position of being able to marry together an in-depth understanding of skin biology, with an advanced knowledge of the chemistry behind formulating skincare products, to be able to create a range of truly effective skincare products to address common skincare concerns. Without an understanding of the external factors and internal biological processes that contribute to the ageing of our skin it would be difficult to create skincare products that can actually intervene to slow down or even reverse the ageing of our complexions.  

We don’t cut corners with our products. All the ingredients have been carefully selected to maximise the potential of the products. Underpinning the choice of ingredients is the requirement that the ingredients are green, non-animal derived, and, wherever possible (available), the ingredient carries the Ecocert or Cosmos badge of approval. None of our products, or the ingredients comprising them are tested on animals.

We utilise some of the best known and most effective active ingredients. Matrixyl 3000, Progeline, Copper Peptides, and Hyaluronic Acid to name just a few

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