AG2 Advanced Vitamin C Serum


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Sensora Vitamin C Serum provides 4 powerful benefits to your complexion.

As a potent anti-oxidant Vitamin C eliminates the sun-generated free radicals that are so damaging to the complexion.

As a vital part in the manufacture of collagen, it helps maintain a toned and supple complexion and helps reduce fine lines.

And with its ability to inhibit the excess production of melanin it can help promote an evenly pigmented complexion.

Most vitamin c serums employ the ascorbic acid form of vitamin c – the problem with ascorbic acid is that it loses it’s potency very quickly. Most Vitamin C Serums only have an effective life of 2 months whereas our serum which uses an advanced form of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Glucoside) is stable for at least 12 months. Our serum is a simple blend of hyaluronic acid and ascorbic glucoside – no fillers or unnecessary ingredients. As well as the benefits the skin will derive from the vitamin c your skin will enjoy the intense hydration boost it receives from our advanced hyaluronic acid base

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