Radiance Moisturiser for hyper-pigmentation




Sensora Radiance Moisturiser

Combats hyper-pigmentation, blemishes, and melasma to even out the skin tone and restore a radiant and unblemished complexion.

Pigmentation issues are generally caused via over-production of melanin in the skin as a response to inflammation. The commonest form of inflammation leading to excess melanin is as a result of over exposure to sunlight. However other external aggressors such as pollutants in the air can trigger hyper-pigmentation.

Hyper-pigmentation can also occur due to hormonal changes within the body. Pregnancy can sometimes trigger a particular form of hyper-pigmentation known as melasma

Radiance moisturiser uses a potent active ingredient called Glyconex which works to suppress excess melanin production which then results in  a reduction in overly pigmented and blemished areas of skin.

But don’t take our word for it. View the before and after images below of a test subject who used a Glycogen based cream for 42 days.

Hyper-pigmentation Before

hyperpigmentation after

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Weight 100 g


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