Youth Protect Moisturising Cream


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Phase 1 moisturising cream is designed for younger skin – 18 to 30. At this time in our life our complexions have generally not begun to manifest any significant evidence of ageing. Eventually, however, these signs will begin to appear and so it makes perfect sense to begin to protect the skin now to delay the onset of skin ageing as much as possible. After all it prevention is always better than cure!

Sensora Youth Protect Moisturising cream features Carnosine

Carnosine (sometimes referred to as L-Carnosine) is a naturally occurring combination of two amino acids (alanine and histidine). Primarily it functions as an anti-oxidant by neutralizing and disarming the free radicals responsible for attacking the DNA in our cells (free radical activity is one of the more significant activities which causing premature skin ageing).

More remarkably, however, research has shown that Carnosine actually extends the life of our skin cells. Cells generally have the ability to reproduce themselves 52 times before dying. However, it appears that Carnosine can extend this limit from 52 to 60 making Carnosine a real anti-ageing factor.

It’s not just skin cells that benefit from this extension. Fibroblasts are the precursor cells responsible for the formation of collagen and elastin (the proteins that combine to give our skin structure, support, and elasticity). By extending the life of our fibroblasts we can increase the amount of these vital components of our skin and delay the onset of lines and wrinkles.

Olay has incorporated Carnosine in their popular Regenerist cream so if it’s good enough for Olay…… The issue with the Olay product is that it contains quite a few ingredients that you might prefer to avoid including lots of silicones and just about every paraben. Our version is paraben free and silicone free.

For more information about the amazing benefits of Carnosine please read this article –

Our cream also features Japanese Cherry Extract. Studies have demonstrated a range of skin benefits including

Protection from free radical damage.
Boosts collagen production
Protects existing collagen
Promotes an even skin tone

We have combined these two powerful active agents in a light, fast absorbing cream packed with skin nourishing, vitamin-rich, plant oils and skin hydrating agents.

Additional information

Weight160 g


Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil
Methylpropanediol and Caprylyl Glycol and Phenylpropanol
Linum Usitatissimum (Linseed) Seed Oil
C10-18 Triglycerides
Cetearyl Olivate and Sorbitan Olivate
Water, Glycerin, Prunus Serrulata Flower Extract
Cococaprylate Caprate
Hydroxystearyl Alcohol (and) Hydroxystearyl Glucoside
Hydrolised Jojoba Esters
Rosa canina (Rosehip) Seed Oil
Cetyl Palmitate and Sorbitan Palmitate and Sorbitan Olivate
Polyacrylates Copolymer 6
Vitamin E Acetate
Glyceryl Caprylate
Sodium Hyaluronate


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