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We all know how important Folic Acid is for development of baby during pregnancy but research has demonstrated some amazing benefits for the skin when incorporated into a cream or serum. Indeed folic acid might be regarded as a miracle ingredient given its remarkable abilities to protect and re-invigorate the skin.

So what exactly can it do?

Increase fibroblast production

Fibroblasts are specialised cells that are responsible for the development of the extra-cellular matrix (ECM) – the lattice of collagen and elastin fibres that gives the skin structure, support, and elasticity. As we age the number of fibroblasts decreases with a consequential reduction in the integrity of the ECM leading to sagging and development of wrinkles.

fibroblast collagen

Folic Acid promotes the growth and development of fibroblasts leading to an increase in the production of collagen and elastin and a restoration of the integrity of the ECM

Reduction in apoptosis

Apoptosis occurs when a cell is damaged via stress, infection, or most commonly through UV radiation. Apoptosis via UV radiation is the primary cause of photo-ageing. Research has shown that folic acid treatment prior to UV exposure can increase the survival rate of skin cells after exposure to UV radiation and prevent photo-ageing.

DNA Repair

UV radiation wreaks havoc on the skin, hence the importance of protecting the skin from too much exposure to the sun. The formation of free radicals generated by the skin as a consequence of UV exposure causes damage to DNA inside the cells. This damage causes mutations in the DNA which is then replicated when the cell divides. Folic Acid has the remarkable ability to repair some of the damage caused to DNA. As progressive damage to DNA accelerates ageing of the skin it is easy to appreciate just how important it is to be able to repair some of this damage and slow down the ageing of the skin

Intrinsic ageing is partly due to reduced turnover in skin cells, whereas photo-ageing is partly due to a pathway triggered by UV light that damages DNA in dermal fibroblasts. As folic acid can slow down premature skin ageing by stimulation of skin cells such as fibroblasts while repairing DNA damage at the same time it is a powerful active for cosmetic products designed to fight ageing as well as photo-ageing.

Sensora B9 serum incorporates a therapeutically recommended amount of Folic Acid in a light water based serum composed of hyaluronic acid.

Not only will our B9 serum protect, repair, and re-invigorate the skin it provides a powerful hydrating boost to the skin.

Visible and permanent improvements to the skin will be realised within 30 days of a once or twice daily application of the serum.

For confirmation about the amazing benefits f folic acid for the skin read here

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